Revocation of Mandate

The Revocation of Mandate is a mechanism for participation with which the electorate of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Communes may require the termination of the mandate of elected officials of the Legislative and Executive branches of both the City Government and the Communes. In accordance with article 67 of the Constitution of the City, the request must be initiated by one or more citizens who must indicate which official is involved, what are the reasons for the request, and who should collect the signatures of support of at least 20% of the electorate of the City or Commune as appropriate. Once the support signatures have been submitted, the City's electoral competition court must be issued within thirty days on the legitimacy of the firms. If the provisions of the Law have been met, the Superior Court of Justice shall summon a Revocation Referendum within ninety days.

Institutional design


Formalization: is the innovation embedded in the constitution or legislation, in an administrative act, or not formalized at all?

Frequency: how often does the innovation take place: only once, sporadically, or is it permanent or regular?

Mode of Selection of Participants: is the innovation open to all participants, access is restricted to some kind of condition, or both methods apply?

Type of participants: those who participate are individual citizens, civil society organizations, private stakeholders or a combination of those?

Decisiveness: does the innovation takes binding, non-binding or no decision at all?

Co-governance: is there involvement of the government in the process or not?

embedded in the constitution/legislation 
Mode of selection of participants
Type of participants
democratic innovation yields a binding decision  


  • Deliberation
  • Direct Voting
  • E-Participation
  • Citizen Representation


  • Accountability
  • Responsiveness
  • Rule of Law
  • Political Inclusion
  • Social Equality

Policy cycle

Agenda setting
Formulation and decision-making
Policy Evaluation

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