Weaving of Indigenous Professionals

El Tejido de Profesionales Indígenas is a network created in July 2018 at the initiative of Argentine citizens belonging to indigenous peoples, with the purpose of claiming ethnic self-identification in the census to be conducted in 2020. One of the main challenges within the network has been the possibility of having face-to-face meetings, due to the great extension of Argentina's geography. Its work strategies have been based on the use of information and communication technologies, sharing work material online, and implementing virtual sessions. After each meeting, members socialize agreements with their grassroots community or organization. Only members who have been able to pay for their trips to Buenos Aires have been able to attend the consultation meetings with the authorities of the National Institute of Statistics and Census. The National Census of Population and Housing 2020 is a very important process for indigenous peoples, as its results are the baseline for the formulation of public policies that could benefit indigenous territories in the decade 2020-2030.

Institutional design


Formalization: is the innovation embedded in the constitution or legislation, in an administrative act, or not formalized at all?

Frequency: how often does the innovation take place: only once, sporadically, or is it permanent or regular?

Mode of Selection of Participants: is the innovation open to all participants, access is restricted to some kind of condition, or both methods apply?

Type of participants: those who participate are individual citizens, civil society organizations, private stakeholders or a combination of those?

Decisiveness: does the innovation takes binding, non-binding or no decision at all?

Co-governance: is there involvement of the government in the process or not?

not backed by constitution nor legislation, nor by any governmental policy or program 
Mode of selection of participants
Type of participants
civil society  
democratic innovation yields no decision  


  • Deliberation
  • Direct Voting
  • E-Participation
  • Citizen Representation


  • Accountability
  • Responsiveness
  • Rule of Law
  • Political Inclusion
  • Social Equality

Policy cycle

Agenda setting
Formulation and decision-making
Policy Evaluation


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