“Alerta Democrática” in Latin America: democracy in transformation?

What is the future of democracy in Latin America? Is it in transformation, in tension, in mobilization or in agony? Alerta Democrática, a project from Open Society Foundations, and Ford Foundation, presents four possible scenarios based on a holistic approach for reflection and action.

Between the end of 2014 and 2015, the initiative gathered 37 leaders from politics, academia, civil society, and the prive sector in Latin America to debate and construct scenarios for the future identifying opportunities and challenges to democracy in the region.

Inspired in the methodology “Transformative Scenario Planning”, the project is designed to face strategic decisions in a complex economic, political, and social context. The coordinator of LATINNO, Thamy Pogrebinschi, took part in the discussion workshops. Guess for which scenario she advocated.


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