See what happened in July in LATINNO

LATINNO is more than a research project. One of our major goals is bringing together the academia and the policy practice to learn from each other. We seek to promote the exchange of information and knowledge on democratic innovations, and spur the debate on how new forms of citizen participation might improve democracy in Latin America and elsewhere. To this end, LATINNO contributes to both fields by participating in international conferences and events, publishing policy briefs and academic papers, and making data available. Here’s a summary of what happened at LATINNO in July.

LATINNO under discussion at the World Congress of Political Science

Prof. Thamy Pogrebinschi, presented on July 25th some initial results based on LATINNO's database at the 24th World Congress of Political Science, celebrated in Poznan (Poland).  The research offers some first insights on how institutional design features of democratic innovations are bound to impact on different dimensions of the quality of democracy.

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LATINNO goes to class: Democratic Innovations in Latin America in dialogue at the Humboldt University

Based on cases from the LATINNO database, students discussed during the summer semester at Humboldt University the political and historical context of democratic innovations in Latin America, as well as their impact on the quality of democracy. The seminar served to produce in-depth cases studies and to debate new perspectives on the future of democracy in the continent.

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LATINNO in the media: Interview with our coordinator Thamy Pogrebinschi in Argentinian publication “Equality, Personal Autonomy and Social Rights”

Prof. Thamy Pogrebinschi revealed the story behind the LATINNO project and provided some reflections on the “pragmatic” path of democracies in Latin America in the issue number 3 of “Igualdad, Autonomía Personal y Derechos Sociales”, a human-rights specialized publication promoted by the “Asociación de Derecho Administrativo de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires”.

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LATINNO joins the Liquid Democracy's summer party in Berlin

LATINNO was invited to present the first data and research results on the emergence and rapid advance of digital innovations in Latin America at the summer party of think&do-tank Liquid Democracy from Berlin.

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