April News

What's new @LATINNO?

Less than two months to go until the launch of our database! We've been busy finishing up the last countries, doing final revisions, searching for the remaining missing data and, of course, preparing the big event of June 27th! 

We have dedicated this month's newsletter to show how the civil society is engaging in the fight against corruption, aiming to solve the deficits of representative institutions and to enhance accountability in Latin America.

Database Progress

In April, we finished collecting and coding data of democratic innovations in Colombia and Guatemala! In addition, we added 70 new cases to our regional database, reaching a total of 2284 cases so far!

Featured Case of the Month

Cuentas Juradas

In Perú, politicians deliver their affidavits before and after their term of office. This procedure is deemed to be one of the most effective prevention mechanisms in the country's fight against corruption. 

Cuentas Juradas, on the other handis an interactive space created by the civil society with the aim to evaluate and share this information. Through a virtual platform, the NGO Suma Ciudadana and OjoPúblico analyze and visually present the income, patrimony and affidavits of the active politicians and candidates in Lima, Perú. This information is obtained thanks to the Open Data initiatives led by the National Jury of Elections and the Government Accountability Office. 

This e-democratic innovation allows citizens to not only monitor the patrimony owned by the candidates at the start and at the end of their term, but to engage in a larger network of citizens fighting corruption and aiming to strengthen the region's democratic institutions.

Soon @ LATINNO database!

The Colour of Corruption


Did you know you can turn your browser into a whistle blower against corruption? The Colour of Corruption is a plug-in created by Reclame Aqui and the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, that lets you know the judicial record of Brazil's politicians involved in judicial inquiries and processes. The system is fed and updated by students, and is part of a larger technological fightback against corruption in Brazil.

Soon @ LATINNO database!

Launch of LATINNO database

The launch of the LATINNO database will take place on June 27th.