LATINNO back at Liquid Democracy

LATINNO Project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Thamy Pogrebinschi attended the first "Pecha Kucha Night" organized by Liquid Democracy in Berlin. Liquid Democracy has pioneered the development of softwares for online participation. Indeed, its Adhocracy ( has already been used by several political parties and organizations in Europe and abroad.

In a session about democratic participation through digital media, Prof. Pogrebinschi shared with the audience various findings and preliminary results of the LATINNO project. Focusing on the 301 cases of digital democratic innovations in 18 countries in Latin America registered in our database, she showed how most digital participation tools seek to increase levels of accountability and responsiveness of governments in the region, concentrate on the evaluation of public policies, and mostly deal with policy issues related to transparency, monitoring, urban planning, and local development.

These are only few of the results that the LATINNO project has revealed so far. Stay updated on the progress and news of the project through the following means:



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